We Offer Alloy Wheel Repairs at Affordable Rates

Every driver kerbs a wheel at some point. There could be many reasons such as high kerbs, careless driving, cavernous potholes or an accident. DIY repairs might work for minor repairs but if you have more serious problem with your alloys then you need to involve experts to get them repaired professionally. 22 Motors have been providing professional alloy wheel repairs for last 20 years and have best and most professional equipment to help you get your alloy wheels restored back to its former glory. Best thing about our work is that you can get the complete repair while staying in the safety of your home.

Call Professionals for Alloy Repairs

A large percentage of cars are sold with alloy wheels now and it is inevitable that at some point every driver would scuff or scratch. 9 out of 10 times you just marginally scuff or scratch the alloys that only require smart repairs. We have experts who can perform smart repair and only repair the small damaged area instead of painting or repairing the whole alloy. We have the right equipment and expertise to take a powder coated alloy and add a machine cut finish to produce a shiny bare metal finish. It requires experts to operate the machines that produce the unique cutting effects.

We also offer powder coating that provides significantly better protection as it creates a protective layer on your alloys. We stock many standard colour powder coatings and provide perfect finish. Our ultimate expertise lies in repairing the alloy wheels. There are many serious problems that the alloy wheels face such as kerb damage, cracked alloys, buckled wheels, scuff marks, corrosion and discoloration of the alloys. All the above-mentioned problems require specific machinery and expert technicians who can get the repair done.

We have invested significantly in new technology and state of the art equipment so we can gain an edge over the competition. Not only you can book an appointment online or over the phone but you can ask our experts to visit your doorstep and repair the wheels at your doorstep while you watch. Only way you can understand the value of our services is by experiencing the services yourself.

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We offer accident repairs, all body shop services, top quality detailing services and wrapping.

Yes we have years of experience in detailing and repairing of exotic and spots cars including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and have a satisfied customer base of such car owners.

Yes, most of the times it is. Especially when it is covered by your insurance. As buying a new car can be costly.

It depends on the type of damage, minor body work can be fixed in a day or two whereas extensive damage can take up to a month.

Under your UK car insurance repair rights, you're not obliged to go with an approved repairer chosen by your insurance provider if you don't want to.